overcome writers block
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How to Overcome Writer’s Block and Find Inspiration for your blog posts

Whether you are writing a book, an essay, a blog post, or even your shopping list, there will be a moment in your life where you will be put face to face with the number one enemy of every writer: the writer’s block.

You are stuck. You find yourself looking at a blank page with no ideas or words to write down.

You’ve become Homer Simpson.

So what happens now? You have no answer for that, and that’s ok!!!
A writer’s block is not the end of the world and it’s actually pretty simple to overcome it!

So how do you overcome writer’s block and find inspiration to write?

overcome writers block


This exercise may sound cheesy or even stupid, but I’ve found it very useful when trying to overcome writer’s block.
The answers are always in our brain, we just need a little bit of imagination to unlock them!

Imagine yourself walking down a street until you find a wall blocking you.
Now, take a moment to appreciate that wall. Don’t see it as an enemy, see it as an opportunity.
Now think: You have infinite opportunities, which means you have a lot of chances to overcome your problem (in this case: the wall).

So what could you possibly do? Think of all the ways you can go over that wall.

To help you out, here are some examples of what you could do:
1 – Get Spiderman powers and climb the wall
2 – Take a hammer and destroy the wall.
3 – Dig a tunnel that goes under the wall
4 – Take a look back and see if there is another road that leads to the other side of the wall
5 – Call a friend and ask for help/advice.
6 – Take a ladder.


Come back to reality.

Oh, hello there! Welcome back to Planet Earth! Still stuck with a writer’s block? No problem, amigo!

You are probably wondering what the hell was that list/exercise about.
Well, it was a stupid, metaphorical way to show you that you can overcome every problem and that the solution to a problem it’s always the simplest one.

See how I put the least logical one (Spiderman powers) on top of the list, while the easiest one (take a ladder) is at the bottom?
That’s because, when facing a problem, we tend to panic and lose our mind, trying to come up with a difficult solution to a difficult problem, without realizing that maybe the solution is just in front of us.

Most of the times, difficult problems require easy solutions.
Now, let’s see what we can actually do to overcome writer’s block and get you out of Homer’s body!

7 Easy, cheesy tips on how to overcome writer’s block.

  • Don’t freak out, take a deep, deep breath!
  • Go out for a walk, take your dog with you (if you have one) or smoke a cigarette (if you are a smoker eh!). Relax your mind.
  • Do something creative and fun that has nothing to do with writing. Play an instrument or listen to music, play a video game or just watch youtube videos of cute kittens (that always helps!)
  • Change environment: Get out of your house! It’s not the Big Brother, so go out! Meet with a friend for a coffee, or an ice cream or some tequila shots (Please do it after 6 pm at least and take an uber afterwards!)
  • Don’t overthink it and don’t put pressure on yourself. You can write your blog post/essay/book tomorrow!
  • Read other blogs to find inspiration.
  • Write!!!

Wait, what? Write? How can I write something if I have a WRITER’S BLOCK??????
Well, guess what? Sometimes the solution to a problem is the problem itself.

It may seemĀ a contradiction but, the best way to overcome writer’s block it to start writing.

Take a piece of paper and a pen and start doodling, then start writing random words.
Writing sometimes it’s like opening the tap of the sink: once it’s open, water will flow.
Just like that, once you start writing, ideas, words and even entire sentences or paragraphs will start flowing from your brain.

These are my few simple tips to overcome a writer’s block.

Got any more tips? I’ll love to hear them!!!!

overcome writers block

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