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Blogging Lessons: What makes a good blogger vs. a successful blogger

Blogging has become a pretty easy thing to do today, even though it still requires a lot of hard work and dedication. I feel like everyone can become a good blogger thanks to the many tutorials and guides we find online, but only a few manage to become a successful blogger.

So, what differentiates a good blogger versus a successful blogger?

Here are 11 lessons about blogging that will make you be a successful blogger.

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It’s about THEM, not you!

I can never stress this enough! Blogging is ”reader-centred” which means is focused on the readers’ need rather than the bloggers’. And that is why to be a successful blogger you have to write for your readers and not for yourself. Give them what they want.


What does a successful blogger do?

I’ll tell you what a successful blogger DOES NOT:

  • simply write tons of articles to fill up the blog.
  • talk about every topic (even the ones not related to his/her niche) just to get more page views and affiliate sales.
  • no engagement with readers through the comment section and social media platforms.

What a successful blogger DOES:

  • Solve a problem, providing readers with tips and solutions.
  • Educate readers, providing them with informative articles.
  • Inspire and engage with readers, understanding their needs and situations and always being ready to provide them with advice and answers.

Quality over Quantity

You don’t need to post an article every single day. You just need to keep a fixed schedule and make sure your articles are informative, well-written, and of a good length. Basically, you need to make sure you are posting something of good quality that your readers will enjoy reading.

Brain + Heart

To be a successful blogger and earn money you’ve got to use your brain and be strategic with your blog. It’s all about marketing and strategies to get more readers, more page views, and more sales. But what makes a blogger even more successful is his/her ability to put a little bit of his/her own heart in the blog.

Being plain strategic is not good for business. After all, you should remember that you are interacting with human beings so it’s important to always keep an emotional element in your marketing strategies so that readers/buyers can relate more to what you are saying or selling.

Personal vs. Impersonal

After all, it’s your blog and people want to read your story or opinion. So be personal, and always keep in mind that the story you want to write should always have a purpose for your readers. If you are too impersonal you might sound like an encyclopedia (remember those?) and no one likes encyclopedias!

Specific vs. General

You have more chances to be successful if you focus on a specific niche rather than trying to write articles about every topic possible.

By being specific, your readers will quickly know who you are and what is your blog about, and they will come back to visit it in the future if they will have problems related to the topics you are talking about in your blog.

Let’s put it this way: would you look up a vegan recipe on a food blog or a fashion blog?

Better vs. Original

Many new bloggers think that, in order to be successful and stand out, they need to be super original and maybe discover new marketing strategies or new ways to make money online.

Well, blogging isn’t really like that. You don’t have to be original, you just need to be better than your competitors.

If every blog is talking about topic A, you should do the same and try to do it better.

Talking about topic B, instead of topic A, trying to be original and alternative won’t get you those thousand of page views you want.

Remember SUPPLY AND DEMAND – If everyone is talking about topic A, it is because there is a huge demand from readers to read about topic A rather than topic B.

Understand Copywriting.

And the first thing you need to understand about copywriting is that [rad-hl]a great copywriter writes THINKS! [/rad-hl]

A copywriter thinks and researches a lot before writing something.

White Space

Learn what white space means. The way you write a blog is very different from the way you write an essay.

Every critic and negative comment is a step towards success!

That’s right! Every critic you’ll face as a blogger will be a way for you to improve and become a better blogger.

Friends and not competitors.

Be inspired by other bloggers in your niche. See them as friends and not competitors. Remember: this is not a race!

Got more tips on how to be a successful blogger rather than simply a good one? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!!!



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